A Quiet Conversation

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A Quiet Conversation

A Quiet Conversation
Item #: 102-04

Reproduction of the original watercolor painting "Quiet Conversation". Matted in 100% acid free Mat and Backing - Fits in standard size frame.

Available matted to standard frame 8X10 (image 2x5), 11X14 (image 4X8), 16X20 (image 6X16), 18x24 (image 8X18) and unmatted approx same size as original ~ image size approx 13X30. All image sizes are approximate.

Image also available as blank notecard with white envelope.

8X10 Matted Print - $10.00
11X14 Matted Print - $25.00
16X20 Matted Print - $40.00
18X24 Matted Print - $65.00
Approx 13X30 FULL SIZE Unmatted - $150.00 Single Notecard - $4.00 each
Set of 5 Notecards (same image) - $18.00

Price : $10.00
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A Quiet Conversation

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